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Habanos SA presents its new line of aged Habanos. 

It is Habanos cigars  that have been aged in Cuba, in perfect conditions, a minimum of five years.

The “aged” concept novel opens with two releases: Romeo y Julieta Pyramids aged and aged Montecristo Churchills

Habanos SA presents, for the first time, two novel launches aged Habanos Habanos and crooked, that have been aged in Cuba for 5 or more years, in perfect conditions, allowing them to gain nuance and complexity without losing its characteristics.

The launch of the “aged” concept is realized with two assortments: Romeo and Juliet aged Pyramids (Girth 52 x 156 mm long) and Montecristo aged Churchills (Girth 47 x 178 mm long). Both are new references and presented as a Special Edition in limited quantities and in a single launch. In both cases, it comes toHabanos who have gone through a process of aging between 5 and 8 years .



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